Adding a Language

Most of the text that appears to be hard-coded on pages throughout your store can be instantly
changed to a different language by changing the locale of the view. Changing the locale doesn’t
actually translate the text word-for-word, but simply references a different translation table
that provides the interface text that is used throughout the store. The text that can be changed
includes navigational titles, labels, buttons, and links such as “My Cart” and “My Account.”

There is a wide selection of language packs available on Magento Connect. You can also use the
Inline Translation tool to touch up any remaining interface text that was not translated for the
locale, or to fine-tune the translated text.

After changing the language of the locale, the remaining content that you have created,
including product names and descriptions, categories, CMS pages, blocks, and polls must be
translated separately for each store view.

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