Adding Product Images

The Images tab is used to upload and manage images for a single product. You can upload
multiple images for the product, and maintain different images for each website or store view.
However, if you have many images to manage, you might prefer to import them, rather than
upload product images individually.

To add product images:

1. If the images are to be used for only a specific store view, set Choose Store View in the upperleft
corner to identify the view where the images will be used.
2. In the panel on the left, click Images.
3. Click the Browse Files button, and select the product images files you want to upload to your
4. Click the Upload Files button to upload the selected images to your store. Then, for each
image, do the following:
a. Enter a descriptive Label for the image. This text appears on mouseover and can improve
indexing by search engines.
b. If using multiple images, enter a numeric value in the Sort Order field to determine the
sequence in which they appear in the thumbnail gallery.
c. To prevent an image from being included in the thumbnail gallery, click the Exclude
checkbox. For example, if the product has only one image, there’s no reason to include it in
the gallery.
d. To delete any image, select the Remove checkbox.
5. When complete, click the Save and Continue Edit button.

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