Admin Tools

The Admin includes many lists of data for products, orders, customers, search terms, pages,
blocks, and so on. Each list has the same set of tools for finding records, pagination, sorting,
filtering, selecting, and applying actions to records.

Global Search

The Global Search box can be used to find any value in the database, including product, customer,
and order records.


The header of each column can be used to sort the list in ascending or descending order.


The filters in the header of each column can be used to limit the list to specific values. Some filters
have additional options that can be selected from a list box, and for others, you can simply type the
value you want to find.


The pagination controls are used to view the additional pages of results.


The Selection controls above the column headers have links to Select All, Unselect All, Select
Visible, and Unselect Visible


The Action control applies an operation to any record with a checkmark in the first column.

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