Authorize.Net gives merchants the ability to accept credit card and payments through the
Authorize.Net payment gateway. It processes the credit card information entered during
checkout, and creates a transaction either for the payment authorization or for the payment
authorization and a capture of the funds, depending on the configuration.
Authorize.Net can be used to pay for purchases made from the storefront or for orders placed
from the Admin. Orders that use the Authorize.Net payment method can be processed from
your store’s Admin and also from the Authorize.Net merchant account.Based on the response
that Magento receives from Authorize.Net, an order is created in Magento with an assigned
Authorize.Net transaction number.

Capture Workflow

Authorize.Net does not allow partial invoices to be created from Magento. The Qty to Invoice
field cannot be edited on the New Invoice for Order page. When an invoice is captured online, a
corresponding document with status of “Paid” is created and appears in the list of Invoices. In
addition, a Capture transaction is added to the list of Transactions.
You can partially capture the order amount from the Authorize.Net merchant account.
However, Authorize.Net does not allow for the remaining amount to be captured. In the case of
a partial capture from Authorize.Net, no invoice or transaction is created in Magento for the

To find an order:

1. On the Admin menu, select Sales > Orders.
2. In the list, click to open the order.
3. On the order detail page, click the Invoice button.
The order Amount field has the following payment actions:

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