Cart Configuration

The shopping cart configuration determines when the customer is directed to the cart page, and
which images are used for product thumbnails. You can require an order to reach a minimum
amount before the checkout process begins, specify the number of days a quoted prices remain
valid, and control the order of items in the Totals section.

Redirect to Cart

The shopping cart page can be configured to appear whenever an item is added to the cart, or
only when customers choose to go to the page. The basic information about the items currently
in the cart is always available in the mini cart, The decision is a matter of balancing the
benefits letting customers continue shopping, with the benefit of encouraging customers to
proceed to checkout. If might be simply a matter of personal preference. However, if you want
back it up with numbers, you can run an A/B test to see which approach produces a higher
conversion rate.

To configure when the cart appears:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. Then in the panel on the left under Sales,
choose Checkout.
2. Expand the Shopping Cart section.
3. Set After Adding a Product Redirect to Shopping Cart to your preference.
4. Click the Save Config button.

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