Configuration Reference

This reference has field descriptions for each section of the configuration. Drill down through any section, and click a link to jump to the corresponding topic in the user guide. To learn more, see: Configuration Scope.



A above the fold The web page content that is immediately visible in the browser window; section of a page that is displayed without the need to scroll. Admin The password-protected back office of your store where orders, catalog, content, and configurations are managed. alt text The text that is displayed in place of an image when the user is …


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Change Log

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Release Notes

Release notes provide a detailed description of each product release, with links to additional technical information, installation instructions, and support resources. The current release is represented by the first decimal position in the version number. In addition, there might be interim patch releases to resolve security issues, and make necessary updates to the software. Patch releases are represented by the …



The appendix includes information about each release, and additional reference material. Release Notes Change Log Glossary Documentation Archive Configuration Reference General Catalog Customers Sales Services Advanced