Attribute Frontend Properties

The Frontend Properties determine how an attribute can be used in your store. You can specify how attributes are used in search, layered navigation, product comparisons, price rules, and sorting. For text attributes, you can enable the WYSIWYG editor and specify if HTML tags can be used to format the value.


Attribute Properties

The Attribute Properties define the individual characteristics that determine how an attribute can be used in the product catalog.


To create a new attribute group:

1. In the Groups section of the attribute set, click the Add New button. 2. Enter a Name for the new group, and click OK. 3. Do either of the following: Drag Unassigned Attributes to the new group. Drag attributes from any other group to the new group. The new group becomes a section in the Product Information panel for …


To create an attribute set:

1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Attributes> Manage Attribute Sets. 2. Click the Add New Set button. Then, do the following: a. Enter a Name for the attribute set. b. In the Based On field, select another attribute set from which this attribute set is to inherit attributes. This option enables you to reuse the attributes already defined …


Creating an Attribute Set

One of the first steps when creating a product is to choose the attribute set that is used as a template for the product record. The attribute set determines the fields that are available during data entry, and the values that appear to the customer. Your store comes with an initial attribute set called “default” which contains a set of …


Deleting Attributes

If you used sample data while setting up your store, you might have attributes that aren’t needed for your catalog. When an attribute is deleted, it is removed from any related products and attribute sets. System attributes are part of the core functionality of your store and cannot be deleted. To delete an attribute: 1. On the Admin menu, select …


Step 2: Define the Label and Values

1. In the Attribute Information panel on the left, select Manage Label / Options. Then, do the following: a. In the Manage Titles section, under Admin, enter a descriptive label to identify the field during data entry. b. The next column determines how the label appears in your storefront. You can leave the box blank to use the Admin label …


Step 1: Assign the Attribute Properties

1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes. Then, click the Add New Attribute button. 2. In the Attribute Properties section, complete the following required (*) properties: a. Enter a unique Attribute Code to identify the attribute internally. The code should be all lowercase characters without spaces. b. In the Apply To list, choose each product …


Creating Attributes

The properties of an attribute determine how it can be used in your catalog and how it appears throughout your store. In addition to the basic properties, there are additional properties for drop-down and multiple-select input types, their values, and associated labels. The title, or label, identifies the attribute in the Admin and your storefront. If your store is available …