Category Products

The Category Products tab lists the products that are currently assigned to the category. From the list, you can easily add and remove products from the category. To assign products to a category: 1. From the category record, click the Category Products tab. Then, do the following: a. Use the filters and checkbox control to find the products you want …


Custom Design

Add a Custom Design to change the look and feel of a category and all assigned product pages, including the content blocks and page layout. You can customize a category page for a promotion or to increase sales by differentiating the category from others. For example, you might develop distinctive design for a brand or special line of products. To …


Display Settings

The Display Settings determine which content elements appear on a category page and the order that products are listed. You can enable CMS blocks, set the anchor status of the category, and manage sorting options from this page.


General Information

On the General Information tab, complete the basic information about the category you are creating or editing. You can enter keywords to improve the way the category is indexed by search engines, create a URL key for the category, and activate or deactivate the category.


Hidden Categories

There are many ways to use hidden categories. You might want to create additional category levels for your own internal purposes, but show only the higher-level categories to your customers. Or, you might want to link to a category that is not included in the navigation menu. To create hidden categories: 1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Manage …


Step 2: Add Subcategories to the New Root

1. On the Categories page, click the General tab. 2. In the category tree on the left, click to select the new root category you created in the last step. 3. Click the Add Subcategory button. 4. Give the subcategory a Name, and set Is Active to “Yes.” 5. Click the Save Category button. 6. Repeat this process to create …


Step 1: Create a New Root Category

1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Manage Categories. 2. In the upper-left of the Manage Categories page, click the Add Root Category button. Then, complete the following required fields: a. Enter a Name for the root category. b. Set Is Active to “Yes.” c. If you want this root category to be in the main menu, set Include …


Root Categories

The category structure is like an upside-down tree, with the root on top. All categories in your catalog are nested below the root. Because the root category is the highest level of the catalog, your store can have only one root category active at a time. You can, however, create additional root categories for alternate catalog structures, different stores, and …


Modifying Categories

After a category is established, it can be edited, moved to another position in the category tree, or deleted from the catalog. However, if your catalog is live, you should consider how the change might impact any existing links to products in the category. For example, if your product URLs include the category path, and the category name is changed, …