Managing Configurable Product Stock

By default, Manage Stock is turned off for a configurable product, because the inventory is managed through each associated product. However, at times it may be necessary to apply inventory settings to a configurable product as a whole, such as to set quantity increments and change the stock availability. To enable quantity increments: 1. On the Inventory tab of the …


Scheduling Product Alerts

These settings enable you to select how often Magento checks for changes that require alerts to be sent. Additionally, you can select the recipient, sender, and template for emails that are sent if the sending of alerts fails. To set up product alerts: 1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. Then in the panel on the left under …


Product Alerts

You can enable your customers to subscribe to two types of customer alerts by email: price change alerts and in-stock alerts. For each alert type, choose whether to enable users to subscribe to it, and select the email template to use. Also, select a sender display name, which applies to both alert types. When price change alerts are enabled, a …


Out of Stock Threshold

You can define an inventory level that becomes the threshold to determine when an item needs to be reordered. The out of stock threshold is set to a number above zero. To set the out of stock threshold:1. In the Product Information panel, select Inventory. 2. Set the Qty for Item’s Status to Become Out of Stock to a value …


Catalog Page

The following display options are possible for the category and search results lists, depending on the product availability and configuration settings. Example 1: Show Product with “Out of Stock Message” This combination of configuration settings includes out of stock products in the category and search results lists, and displays an “out of stock” message. Example 2: Show Product without “Out …


Product Page

There are several variations of messaging available for the product page, depending on the combination of Manage Stock and Stock Availability settings. Example 1: Show Availability Message Scenario 1: This combination of settings causes the availability message to appear on the product page, according to the stock availability of each product.


Message Scenarios

You can use a combination of configuration settings to control stock availability messages on product pages and in listings of products on catalog pages.


Step 3: Set the “Out of Stock” Threshold

1. On the Inventory tab, set the Qty for Item’s Status to Become Out of Stock to a value above zero. 2. To set the quantity of the product that is allowed in the cart, set the following fields to the appropriate values for your product, store, and strategy: l Minimum Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart l Maximum Quantity Allowed …


Step 2: Set the Product to Manage Stock

1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Manage Products. 2. In the list, click to open the product. Then in the Product Information panel on the left, select Inventory. 3. If necessary, clear the Use Config Settings checkbox, and set Manage Stock to “Yes.” Then, complete the inventory settings as needed. 4. Make sure that Stock Availability is set …


Step 1: Configure the Inventory Stock Options

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. Then in the Configuration panel on the left, under Catalog, select Inventory. 2. Click to expand the Stock Options section. Then, do the following: a. To configure how “out of stock” products are handled in the category and search results lists, set Display Out of Stock Products to one of the …