Preparing Your Email Logo

To ensure that your logo renders well on high-resolution devices, the uploaded image should be at least twice the size of the dimensions that are specified in the header template. Be careful to preserve the aspect ratio1 of the logo, so the height and width resize proportionally. Supported File Formats Logos can be saved as any of the following file …


Email Template Layout and Styles

Magento Community Edition has a set of responsive templates that define the header, body, and footer of all automated email messages that are sent from your store. The content, or body section, is combined with the header and footer to create each message. You can set up the header and footer one time, and then use them for every message. …


Supported Email Clients

A wide range of technologies is supported by the various email clients and services available today. Although they do not all follow the same standards, and there is some variation in the way email messages are rendered, we have found the following services to be compatible with Magento Community Edition.


Managing Email Templates

Email templates define the layout, content, and formatting of automated messages sent from your store. They are called transactional emails1 because each one is associated with a specific type of transaction, or event. Magento includes a set of responsive email templates that are triggered by a variety of events that take place during the operation of your store. Each template …