Direct Post

Magento Community Edition incorporates the Direct Post method for payments made through Authorize.Net. When payments are made with Direct Post, Authorize.Net handles all steps in the transaction process— such as payment data collection, data submission, and response to the customer—while the customer remains in your store. Admin Workflow Authorize.Net Direct Post can be used with orders created from the Admin …


Partial Authorization with Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net gives you the ability to accept multiple credit cards as payment for a single order. If there isn’t enough remaining balance on a single card to cover the purchase, the amount can be distributed across multiple cards. Up to five credit cards can be used to pay for a single order. Partial authorization can be activated in the Authorize.Net …


Authorize.Net Configuration

The Authorize.Net payment gateway gives you the ability to accept credit card and electronic check payments in USD, quickly and inexpensively. To configure Authorize.Net: See the step-by-step instructions in the online user guide. For field descriptions, click the link below the screenshot.



Authorize.Net gives merchants the ability to accept credit card and payments through the Authorize.Net payment gateway. It processes the credit card information entered during checkout, and creates a transaction either for the payment authorization or for the payment authorization and a capture of the funds, depending on the configuration. Authorize.Net can be used to pay for purchases made from the …


Testing Credentials

When testing the configuration of a payment gateway, use the following credentials for test transactions. Visa – 4111111111111111 MasterCard: – 5555555555554444 American Express: – 378282246310005 Expiration Date: – Any future date CVV/CVC: – 123 or 000


Payment Solutions by Region

Worldwide Amazon Simple Pay Amazon offers easy payment and checkout solutions for physical goods retailers that allow customers to use their accounts as a payment method. Magento Community Edition supports the following payment solutions from Amazon: Amazon Simple Pay Checkout by Amazon Authorize.Net Authorize.Net includes free fraud tools, free customer support, a free website seal, and the ability to …


Payment Solutions & Gateways

Magento Community Edition supports a wide range of payment solutions and gateways that offer merchant services in all parts of the world. Unlike some payment solutions that transfer control to complete the transaction on another site, a payment gateway makes it possible for you to accept credit card payments directly from your store.