If you go to the expense of creating your own original product images, there is not much you can do to prevent unscrupulous competitors from stealing them with the click of a mouse. However, you can place a watermark on each image to identify it as your property and make it a less attractive target. A watermark file can be …



Magento uses a temporary image as a placeholder until permanent product images are available. The initial placeholder image is the Magento logo, which you can replace with placeholder images of your own design. To upload placeholder images: 1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. Then in the Configuration panel on the left under Catalog, select Catalog. 2. Click …


To add images to the gallery:

Follow the same process to add a new product image. For best results, gallery image files should be the same size and proportion as the main product image. Field Descriptions


Adding Product Images

The Images tab is used to upload and manage images for a single product. You can upload multiple images for the product, and maintain different images for each website or store view. However, if you have many images to manage, you might prefer to import them, rather than upload product images individually. To add product images: 1. If the images …


Image Size and Type

As a best practice, you should standardize the size of your images so they appear at the highest possible resolution. A single product image can be displayed in several different sizes throughout your catalog. In addition to the main image on the product page, there are smaller images and thumbnails. Image types are used in different places in your catalog. …


Thumbnail Gallery

The thumbnail gallery on the product page can be used to display multiple images of the product. Although the position of the gallery varies by theme, it is usually just below the main image on the product page. Click each image to browse through the thumbnail gallery. Light Boxes and Sliders Many stores use a third-party light box or slider …


Product Images

Using images of consistent quality, size, and proportion gives your product catalog a professional look with commercial appeal. If you have a large catalog with several images per product, you can easily have hundreds, if not thousands of product images to manage. Before you get started, it’s a good idea to establish a naming convention for your image files, and …