Basic Configuration

The topics in this section provide an introduction to your store’s Admin, and walk you through the basic configuration settings. Along the way, you will learn the concepts of store hierarchy and configuration scope, and establish some best practices for meeting industry standards and requirements. Store Admin Admin Login Message Inbox Admin Menu Admin Tools Store Details Store Information Locale …



Opening your Magento store for business requires the following areas of consideration. While there are virtually any number of customizations you can make to the storefront and Admin, you can use each link in this is list as a place to start.


Loyalty & Advocacy

Give customers a direct connection to your brand by allowing them to create customer accounts where they can see their purchase history, wishlist, and newsletter subscriptions. Use product ratings and reviews to give new customers objective product opinions and promote a sense of community. These features turn customer satisfaction into one of the most powerful and costefficient marketing tools at …


Customer Retention

Magento makes it easy for you to get repeat business and build brand loyalty. Magento gives you total control and flexibility over creating and revising goodies like rewards programs, custom coupons and automated emails to keep your customers coming back again and again.


Moment of Purchase

Now that you’ve given your customer an engaging shopping experience, make it easy for them to complete their purchases. Magento is designed to help you streamline your checkout process experience while boosting conversion rates. Order Processing Magento supports a complete order processing workflow. It’s easy to customize order statuses and track communications between sales reps and customers. Shipping Labels Merchants …


Increase Average Order Value (AOV)

Magento Community Edition provides a range of tools to help you tailor the shopping experience, and encourage your customers to put more items in their shopping carts and spend more money.


Engage Your Customers

Magento Community Edition makes it easy to create a customized, engaging site experience. Encourage your customers to spend more time exploring your site, and give them the tools to make it easy to find what they want faster.

Social engineering concept

Attract New Customers

Magento Community Edition is packed with features that make it easy to create a “search engine friendly” websites and increase the likelihood of bringing the right customers to your site. Search Engine Optimization Magento offers powerful, native capabilities to streamline Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices for content and site exposure that are integrated with the Admin, and tied directly into …


To access your storefront:

Use your browser to navigate to your store. Your URL might look like one of the following: