Adding Facebook Plugins

Facebook has a number of social plugins that can easily be added to your store. The following example shows how to add a Like Button to your store. Step 1: Get the Button Code 1. On the Facebook site, go to the button setup page. 2. In the URL to Like field, enter the URL of the page in your store …


Social Marketing

There are many social marketing extensions that can be added to your store. To learn more, see: Magento Connect.


Setting Up RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based data format that is used to distribute information online. Your customers can subscribe to your RSS feeds and be notified of new products and promotions. RSS Feeds can also be used to publish your product information to shopping aggregation sites, and can also be included in newsletters. When RSS feeds are enabled, any …


Sales Channels

Publishing your catalog through multiple channels is an effective way to widen your distribution without much effort. You can start by syndicating your content with RSS feeds, and then expand by sending your catalog data to shopping aggregators and marketplaces. Topics include: Setting Up RSS Feeds Social Marketing Adding Facebook Plugins