Canonical Meta Tag

Some search engines penalize websites that have multiple URLs that point to the same content. The canonical meta tag tells search engines which page to index when multiple URLs have identical or very similar content. Using the canonical meta tag can improve your site ranking and aggregate pageviews. The canonical meta tag is placed in the block of a product …


Dynamic Media URLs

A dynamic media URL is a relative reference to an image or other media asset. When enabled, dynamic media URLs can be used to link directly to assets on your server, or even on a CDN. As with all markup tags, the code is enclosed in double curly braces. The format of a dynamic media URL looks like this: {{media …


Catalog URL Configuration

Catalog URLs play a major role in how well your store is indexed by search engines. All of the following options use web server rewrites to change the format of the URL. URL Suffix Determines if a suffix, such as “html” or “htm,” is used for category URLs. Do not enter a period before the suffix, because it is applied …


Catalog URLs

The URLs you assign to products and categories play a major role in determining how well your site is indexed by search engines. Before you start building your catalog is an ideal time to consider the available options. Dynamic URL A dynamic URL is created “on the fly,” and might include a query string with variables for the product ID, …



The default Magento sitemap has links to every product and category in your store, and can help improve the way your products are indexed by some search engines. Like a table of contents, the sitemap also gives visitors a quick overview of the organization of your catalog. To switch between the category and product lists, click the link on the …


Meta Data

Your store is loaded with places where you can enter keyword-rich meta data to improve the way search engines index your site. While setting up your store, you might enter preliminary meta data, with the intention of finishing it later. Over time, you can fine-tune the meta data to target the buying patterns and preferences of your customers.


SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization is the practice of fine-tuning the content and presentation of a site to improve the way the pages are indexed by search engines. Magento Community Edition includes a number of features that support your ongoing effort to improve the indexing of your site.