Step 2: Apply an Action to Selected Records

1. Set the Actions control to the operation you want to apply. Example: Update Attributes a. In the list, select the checkbox of each record to be updated. b. Set the Actions control to “Update Attributes,” and click the Submit button. The Update Attributes page lists all the available attributes, organized by group in the panel on the left. c. …


Step 1: Select Records

The checkbox in the first column identifies each record that is a target for the action. The search filters can be used to narrow the list to the records you want to target for the action. Do the following: 1. Select the checkbox of each record that is targeted for the action. Or, use the selection links above the list …


To filter the list:

1. In the box below the column header, either enter or select the value you want to find. 2. Click the Search button.


To set the pagination controls:

1. Set View to the number of records that you want to view per page. 2. In the Page box, enter the page number you want to view, or click the arrow button to advance to the next or previous, page.


To sort the list:

1. In the upper-left corner, set Choose the Store View to the define the scope of the data to be retrieved. 2. Click the column name of any header. The arrow indicates the current order as either ascending or descending. 3. Use the pagination controls to view additional pages in the collection.


Grid Controls

Many pages in the Admin include a list of records displayed in a grid, with controls at the top of each column. The controls can be used to sort the list in ascending, or descending order based on the values in the column. In addition, you can filter the list based on a value in each column.


Global Record Search

The global search box is located in the Admin header, and can be used to find any record in the database. The results can include customers, products, orders, or any related attribute. To do a global search: 1. Type the first few letters of what you are looking for into the global search box. 2. In the list of closely …


Admin Tools

The Admin includes many lists of data for products, orders, customers, search terms, pages, blocks, and so on. Each list has the same set of tools for finding records, pagination, sorting, filtering, selecting, and applying actions to records. Global Search The Global Search box can be used to find any value in the database, including product, customer, and order records. …


Admin Menu

All of the tools you need to manage the operation and maintenance of your store are available in the Admin menu.


Notification Setup

You can specify how often your Message Inbox is updated, from one to twenty-four hours. If your store Admin has a secure URL, you must set the notifications to be delivered over HTTPS. To configure Admin notifications: 1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. 2. In the panel on the left, under Advanced, select System. 3. Click to …