To set up a new website:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Manage Stores. 2. From Manage Stores, click the Create Website button. Then, do the following: a. Enter the Name of the website. The name is for internal reference, and can refer to the domain of the site or anything else distinguish it from other sites in the hierarchy. b. Enter a Code …


Setting Up Store Hierarchy

Before you begin, carefully plan your store hierarchy in advance because it is referred to throughout the configuration. Each store can have a separate root category, which makes it possible to have an entirely different set of navigation for each store. Also consider the prices and product attributes that are needed for each store view. Magento allows for only one …


Websites, Stores & Views

When Magento is installed, a main website, default store, and store view are created. You can create as many additional websites, stores, and store views as you need. Within each website, you can have multiple stores, and within each store, separate views. The term hierarchy1 refers to the organization of websites, stores, and views in a Magento installation.