Prelaunch Checklist

After you complete the design, development, and testing of your store, check the following configuration settings to make sure everything is correct before the store “goes live.” For a comprehensive description of every configuration setting, see the Configuration Reference.


Reinstalling Magento

If you want to repeat the installation of Magento Community Edition on the same server, it is not necessary to download the files again. To reinstall Magento: 1. On the server, delete the file: app/etc/local.xml 2. Delete any files and directories found in: var/ 3. With your browser, navigate to your Magento directory. For example: The Magento Installation Wizard …


Create an Admin Account

1. In the Personal Information section, enter the following: First Name Last Name Email 2. In the Login Information section, do the following: a. Enter the Username you of the owner of the Magento store. b. Enter the Password that is associated with your Admin account. To confirm, enter it again in the Confirm Password field. 3. (Optional) If you …



1. In the Database Connection section, do the following: a. Set Database Type to “MySQL.” b. In the Host field, enter the server’s fully qualified host name or IP address. If your database server is on the same host as your web server, enter “localhost.” c. Refer to the database credentials from Part 1: Step 5, and enter the following: …



Select the default localization settings for your Magento CE installation. The values can be changed later for specific stores, store views, and websites. Locale Time Zone Default Currency


License Agreement

Read the terms of the Magento Community Edition End User License Agreement. If you agree to the terms, click the Continue button.


Run Setup

From your browser, enter the path to your Magento installation. Depending on the installation location, it is similar to one of the following:


Part II: Magento Installation

During the second part of the Magento installation, you will complete the initial configuration, and create an admin account. Step 1: Run Setup Step 2: License Agreement Step 3: Localization Step 4: Configuration Step 5: Create an Admin Account


Run the Magento CE Downloader

1. From your browser, navigate to the location of the Magento downloader on your server. The Magento Downloader welcome page appears. 2. To validate your server environment, click the Continue button. If error warnings appear, correct the errors and click the Check Again button. 3. When you pass the validation test, do the following: a. Enter the following Database Connection …