Changing UI Text

You can use the Translate Inline tool to touch up the text in the interface to reflect your voice
and brand. When the Translate Inline mode is activated, all text on the page that can be edited
is outlined in red. It’s easy to edit field labels, messages, and other text that appears
throughout the storefront and Admin. For example, many themes use terminology such as “My
Account,” “My Wishlist,” and “My Dashboard,” to help customers find their way around.
However, you might prefer to simply use the words “Account,” “Wishlist,” and “Dashboard.”
If your store is available in multiple languages, you can make fine adjustments to the
translated text for the locale. On the server, interface text is maintained in a separate CSV file
for each output block, and is organized by locale. As an alternate approach, rather than use the
Translate Inline tool, you can also edit the CSV files directly on the server.
To use the Translate Inline tool, your browser must allow pop-ups.

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