Configurable Product

A configurable product looks like a single product with drop-down lists of options for each
variation. Each option is actually a separate simple product with a unique SKU, which makes
it possible to track inventory for each product variation. You could achieve a similar effect by
using a simple product with custom options, but without the ability to track inventory for each
variation. Products with multiple options are sometimes referred to as composite product.

Although a configurable product uses more SKUs, and may initially take a little longer to set
up, it can save you time in the long run. If you plan to grow your business, the configurable
product type might be a better choice for a product with multiple options.

Creating a Configurable Product

The following instructions take you through the process of creating a configurable product with
the basic fields. Each required field is marked in the Admin with a red asterisk (*). After you
complete the required settings and save the product, you can add images and complete the
remaining product information, as needed.
Process Overview:
Step 1: Create Attributes for Drop-down Options
Step 2: Create the Attribute Set
Step 3: Create the Configurable Product
Step 4: Add the Associated Products
Step 5: Make Any Necessary Price Adjustments
Step 6: Configure the Shopping Cart Thumbnails

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