Configuration Scope

If your Magento installation has multiple websites, stores, or views, you can set the scope of a
configuration parameter to apply to a specific part of your installation. The Current
Configuration Scope box in the upper-left corner of the Admin workspace determines the scope
of the current settings. By default, the configuration scope is set to “Default Config.” For Admin
users with restricted access, the list includes only the areas where the user is granted
permission to access.

The configuration scope applies to products categories, attributes, customer management
setting, and so on. The scope of each item appears in brackets after the field to indicate the
range of the setting.

If your installation includes multiple websites, stores or views, you should always set the scope
to identify where you want the settings to apply. The possible settings are: [STORE],

Any item with the scope of [STORE] can be set differently for each view. For example, because
the scope of a product name and description is [STORE], the fields can have a different value
for each language. However, some configuration settings—such as postal code—are [GLOBAL]
because the same setting applies throughout the system. The [WEBSITE] scope also applies to
the entire site, including all views.

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