Coupon Codes

Coupons codes can be associated with shopping cart price rules to apply a discount when a set
of conditions is met. For example, a coupon code can be created for a specific customer group,
or for anyone who makes a purchase over a certain amount. To apply the coupon to a purchase,
the customer can enter the coupon code from the shopping cart page, or possibly at the cash
register of your “brick and mortar” store.

Here are a few ways that you can use coupons in your store:

  • Email coupons to customers
  • Produce printed coupons
  • Create in-store coupons for mobile users

Coupon codes can be sent by email, or included in newsletters, catalogs, and advertisements.
You can even create in-store coupons with a quick response code that shoppers can scan with
their smart phones. The QR code links to a page on your site with more information about the

To set up a coupon code:

1. Follow the instructions to create a shopping cart price rule.
2. On the General Information page, do the following:
a. Set Coupon to “Specific Coupon.”
b. Do one of the following:

  • Enter a numeric Coupon Code to be used with the promotion.
  • Select the Use Auto Generation checkbox.

c. To limit the number of times the coupon can be used, complete the following:

  • Uses per Coupon
  • Uses per Customer

For unlimited use, leave these fields blank.
d. To make the coupon valid for a limited period of time, complete the From Date and To
Date fields. To select the date, click the Calendar button next to each field. If you leave
the date range empty, the rule will never expire.

3. Follow the standard instructions to complete the shopping cart price rule.

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