Creating Custom Roles

To give someone restricted access, the first step is to create a role with the appropriate level of
permissions. After the role is created, you will add the new user, set up the login credentials,
and assign the role to the user account. After the role is established, you can create new
Administrator users at any time, and assign the restricted role to grant limited access to the
For example, Admin permissions can be set to restrict access to tax resources, based on the
business “need to know.” To create an Admin role with access to tax settings, select both the
Sales/Tax and System/Tax resources. If setting up a website for a region that differs from your
default shipping point of origin, you must also allow access to the System/Shipping resources
for the role, because the shipping settings determine the store tax rate used for catalog prices.

Process Overview:
Step 1: Define the Role
Step 2: Add the New User

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