Custom Design

Add a Custom Design to change the look and feel of a category and all assigned product pages,
including the content blocks and page layout. You can customize a category page for a
promotion or to increase sales by differentiating the category from others. For example, you
might develop distinctive design for a brand or special line of products.

To create a custom category design:

1. If the parent category of the selected category has already been customized and you want to use
same settings, set Use Parent Category Settings to “Yes.”
2. To apply the custom design to all the products assigned to the category, set Apply to Products
to “Yes.” Otherwise, the customization applies to only the category page.
3. To apply a different theme to the category, select the theme you want to use from the Custom
Theme list.
4. To apply the category design to a specific range of time, click the calendar to select both the
Active From and Active To dates. Otherwise, the design will take effect when you save the
changes to the category.
5. Click the Save Category button to save your changes.

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