Direct Post

Magento Community Edition incorporates the Direct Post method for payments made through
Authorize.Net. When payments are made with Direct Post, Authorize.Net handles all steps in
the transaction process— such as payment data collection, data submission, and response to
the customer—while the customer remains in your store.

Admin Workflow

Authorize.Net Direct Post can be used with orders created from the Admin as well as from the
store. When creating an order, you can select it in the Payment Method section. After selecting
the option, the credit card data entry fields appear. If the transaction fails, an error message
appears, and you can select another payment method or try again with another card. The order
process is similar to the standard order workflow. As with other orders, and invoice, shipment,
and credit memo can be created.

Customer Workflow

When Direct Post is enabled, the customer can select it in the Payment Information section of
the checkout process. After the customer clicks the corresponding option button and clicks
Continue, the Order Review section of the checkout appears, with fields to enter the credit card
information. The customer then specifies the card information and clicks the Place Order
If the transaction is successful, the customer is redirected to the order confirmation page. If the
transaction fails on some reason, an error message is displayed in a dialog box and the
customer may then select another payment method or try Authorize.Net Direct Post with
another card.

To configure Direct Post:

See the step-by-step instructions in the online user guide. For field descriptions, click the link
below the screenshot.

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