Downloadable Product

A downloadable product can be anything that you can deliver as a file, such as an eBook,
music, video, software application, or an update. You can offer an album for sale, and sell each
song individually. You can also use a downloadable product to deliver an electronic version of
your product catalog.

Because the actual download doesn’t become available until after the purchase, you can provide
samples, such as an excerpt from a book or a clip from an audio file, that the customer can try
from the product page.

Downloadable products can be configured to require that the customer log in to an account to
receive the link, or can be sent by email and shared with others. The status of the order before
the download becomes available, default values, and other delivery options are set in the

The files for download can be either uploaded to your server, or linked to on a different server
on the Internet.

Downloadable product file names can include letters and numbers. You can to use either a dash or
underscore character to represent a space between words. Any invalid characters in the file name
are replaced with an underscore.

Creating a Downloadable Product

The following instructions take you through the process of creating a downloadable product
with the basic fields. Each required field is marked in the Admin with a red asterisk (*). After
you complete the required settings and save the product, you can add images and complete the
remaining product information as needed.
Process Overview:
Step 1: Choose the Attribute Set
Step 2: Complete the Basic Product Information
Step 3: Complete the Download Information
Step 4: Complete the Samples Information
Step 5: Complete the Remaining Product Information

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