Installing a New Theme

When you first install Magento, the design elements of the store are based on the “Default”
Theme. You can modify the theme, add themes created by others, or create new ones. To learn
more, see the Designer’s Guide to Magento.
Magento Connect contains hundreds of extensions, which are add-ons to Magento that can
extend the functionality or enhance the appearance of your store. The following example shows
how to add a mobile theme from Magento Connect.

To install a new theme:

1. Go to Magento Connect.
2. In the upper-right corner, click to extend the All Platforms list, and choose Enterprise
3. You can browse through the available themes based on price or popularity, or do a keyword
search. For more information, click the thumbnail of any theme.
4. To get the registration key, you must be a registered Magento Community Edition owner and
be logged into your account. Then, click the Install Now button to get the license key.

5. To complete the process, follow the instructions to install an extension from Magento Connect.

To activate the theme for your store:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. In the panel on the left under General,
select Design.
2. Click to expand the Themes section. Then, do the following:

3. In the Default field, enter the name of the theme. The name of the Magento demo store theme
is “mds.”
4. If you want to use an alternate them for different browsers or devices, do the following:
a. Click the Add Exception button.
The Add Exception button is used to use a different theme for specific browsers. For
example, a theme that is optimized for mobile can be used whenever a mobile device is

b. In the Matched Expression field, enter the name of the browser or device that triggers the
use of the alternate theme. If there are multiple browsers, separate the name of each with a
vertical bar. For example, because the mobile theme can be used with multiple devices,
you can enter them all in the Match Expression field, as follows:
Mini|Windows Mobile
c. In the Value field, enter the name of the theme. In this example, the value is “Mobile.”
5. Click the Save Config button on the top right of the page.
6. Test the new theme from your store. If you installed an exception for different browsers, view
the store with each browser or device.
If the new theme uses a different page layout than your current home page, you might need to
change its page layout setting to match the theme.

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