Layered Navigation

Layered navigation makes it easy to find products based on category, price range, or any other
available attribute. Layered navigation usually appears in the left column of search results and
category pages and sometimes on the home page. The standard navigation includes a “Shop
By” list of categories and price range. You can configure the display of layered navigation,
including product count and price range.
The following instructions show how to set up basic layered navigation. For advanced layered
navigation with price steps, see Price Navigation.

Step 1: Configure Attributes and Anchor Categories
Make sure that the attribute properties and the anchor categories that are required for layered
navigation are configured correctly.
Step 2: Set Up Basic Layered Navigation
1. On the Admin menu, select System Configuration. Then in the panel on the left, under
Catalog, select Catalog.
2. Click to expand the Layered Navigation section. Then, do the following:

a. To display the number of products found for each attribute, set Display Product Count to
b. Set Price Navigation Step Calculation to “Automatic (equalize price ranges).”
3. When complete, click the Save Config button.

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