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The term, content marketing1 refers to the art of promoting your products or services by
providing valuable information to your customers at no charge. The quality of your content
helps distinguish your store from others, increases your visibility to search engines, and
provides support to your customers. This soft-sell approach is often more effective than
advertising, builds credibility and trust, and can turn your store into a destination. Content is
still king!
Your content should reflect the branding of your store, and be delivered with your distinctive
visual presentation and voice to convey your message. Use pictures to tell a story. Educate,
inspire, and entertain. With quality content, sometimes less is more.
Magento Community Edition includes a powerful content management system (CMS) that you
can use to create rich content for your store. In this chapter, you will learn how to create new
content, and incorporate existing content to create a compelling experience that will bring your
customers back to your store for more.

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