Managing Search Terms

You can learn what your customers are looking for by examining the search terms they use to
find products in your store. If enough people are looking for a product that you don’t carry,
perhaps it’s time to add it to your catalog. Meanwhile, rather than have them leave them
empty handed, why not redirect them to another product in your catalog? Here are a few ways
you can leverage customer search terms:

Landing Page

The landing page for a search term can be a content page, a category page, a product detail page, or
even a page on a different site.


One way to improve the effectiveness of catalog search is to include different terms that people may
use to describe the same item. You don’t want to lose a sale just because someone is looking for a
“sofa,” and your product is listed as a “couch.” You can capture a broader range of search terms by
entering the words, “sofa” “davenport,” and “loveseat” as synonyms for “couch,” and direct them to the
same landing page.

Misspelled Words

Use search terms to capture common misspellings and redirect them to the appropriate page. For
example, if you sell wrought iron patio furniture, you know that many people misspell the term as “rod
iron,” or even “rot iron.” You can enter each misspelled word as a search term, and make them
synonyms for “wrought iron.” Even though the word is misspelled, the search will be directed to the
page for “wrought iron.”

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