Media Storage

Media storage is a tool you can use to organize and access miscellaneous media files on the
server. The path to the physical location of the files is determined by the Base URL
configuration. Files in media storage can be accessed from the editor while working on pages
and static blocks. Media storage is usually located in the file system on the same server as the
Magento program files. Alternatively, the files can be managed in a database, or located on a
separate server or content delivery network.

To upload an image to media storage:

1. From the editor, do the following:
a. Click the Browse Files button. Find the file on your computer, and click to select it. Then,
click the Open button to copy the file to Media Storage.
b. Click the Upload File button to add the image to Media Storage.
2. To link the image to a file, click to select the image. Then, click the Insert File button.
3. To complete the Alt tag, place the cursor between the double-quotes, and enter the alt text.
4. To see the image in WYSIWYG mode, click the Show / Hide Editor button.

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