Method 1: Upload Images to Configurable Product

When you view this product in the store and click a swatch, the corresponding product
appears as the main product image. You can click any swatch to change the image. Also,
notice in the example below that the fourth swatch is a miniature version of the Royal Blue
product image. Because there isn’t a Royal Blue swatch available, the fall-back method used
the product image with the “Royal Blue” label.

1. Each associated simple product has a single product image that depicts the variation. Because
these images are not swatches, they do not need the “-swatch” suffix. The product variations
used in this example are labeled “Royal Blue,” “Pink,” and “Red.”

2. The Color attribute for each variation is set to the correct color

3. In addition to the standard product images, images for each product variation are also
uploaded to the configurable product, and given labels that exactly match the corresponding
color attribute values. No options are selected for the product variations. Although these
images are not swatches, they will be used if no other swatch is available.

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