Method 1: Upload Swatches to Media Storage

Before uploading swatch images, make sure that the file names exactly match the
corresponding attribute values. For example, if you upload a file named “gray.png,” it will
match the attribute value “Gray,” but not “Grey.”
All file names are converted to lowercase. In addition, any characters other than a-z and 0-9
are replaced with a hyphen. Therefore, the swatch name “Royal Blue” becomes “royal-blue.”
If you have access to the server, swatch files can be uploaded to the following location:
[Magento install directory]/media/wysiwyg/swatches
1. On the Admin menu, select CMS > Pages > Manage Content.
2. In the list, click to open any page in edit mode.
The purpose of this step is to launch the editor. Media Storage can be accessed from any place
the editor is used.
3. In the panel on the left, select Content.
4. From the editor, click the Insert Image button. In the directory tree on the left, click the
swatches folder, and do the following:
a. Click the Browse button, and locate the swatch image files that you want to upload.
You can upload individual images, or multiple images at the same time.
b. Click the Upload Files button to copy the file to Media Storage.
Newly uploaded images appear at the bottom of the list.

5. When you are done, click the Close button in the upper-left corner of the Media Storage
window. Then, click the Back button to exit the editor.
6. If prompted to refresh the cache, click the Cache Management link in the message at the top of
the workspace, and refresh any cache that is invalid.
7. Go to your storefront to verify that the swatches work correctly. The text-based swatches
should now be replaced with the swatch images that you uploaded.
8. If any drop-down options from the configurable product are missing from layered navigation,
return to Cache Management and click the Flush Magento Cache button.

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