Moment of Purchase

Now that you’ve given your customer an engaging shopping experience, make it easy for them
to complete their purchases. Magento is designed to help you streamline your checkout process
experience while boosting conversion rates.

Order Processing

Magento supports a complete order processing workflow. It’s easy to customize order statuses and
track communications between sales reps and customers.

Shipping Labels

Merchants have complete control over package characteristics such as weight and size. Shipping
labels, rate, and barcode information originates directly from the carrier. Labels can be generated for
single or multiple orders.

Multiple Shipping Options

Magento supports a variety of shipping methods so you can give your customers a choice at
checkout. Customers can see a real-time estimate of shipping charges right from the shopping cart.

Multiple Payment Options

Magento Community Edition supports the payment methods and currencies needed for global
commerce. You can choose the ones you want to offer, and at checkout, your customers can choose
the ones they prefer.

PayPal Merchant Solutions

It’s easy to integrate a PayPal Payments account to provide your customers faster, more secure
checkout options.

Assisted Shopping

Assisted shopping makes it easy for customer service reps to create orders for customers. Customer
service reps have access to shopping cart contents, and can move items from a wishlist to a
shopping cart, apply coupon codes, and more.


Whether an order is fulfilled online or over the phone, Magento provides sophisticated security,
including CAPTCHA and SSL encryption, with best-in-breed encryption and hashing algorithms to
protect the security of the system.

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