Newsletter Queue

A newsletter that has many recipients must be sent in stages. The process of sending the
newsletter is managed by a queue. After you start the queue, Magento sends the emails in
packs. To ensure delivery of your newsletters, it is recommended that you integrate your
Magento installation with a third-party newsletter provider. These services are “white listed” by
email service providers. Look for newsletter providers in Magento Connect.

To send your newsletter using a queue:

1. On the Admin menu, select Newsletter > Newsletter Templates.
2. Set the Actions control to the relevant template. Then, select Queue Newsletter.
3. In the Queue Date Start field, specify when the newsletter will start being sent.
4. In the Subscribers From field, select one or more store views whose customers this newsletter
will be sent to.
5. Review the template and parameters and then click the Save Newsletter button to schedule
sending the newsletter.

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