PayPal Express Checkout

With PayPal Express Checkout enabled, customers can click the “Checkout with PayPal” button
to make a secure payment from the PayPal site. You can use Express Checkout as a standalone
solution, or in combination with one of the other solutions.

PayPal Credit

For US merchants, PayPal Credit is now a payment option during checkout. PayPal Credit,
(formerly Bill Me Later) offers your customers access to financing, so they can buy now and
pay later, at no additional cost to you. You are not charged when customers choose PayPal
Credit, and only pay your normal PayPal transaction fee. You can also use free, ready-made
banner ads and a prominent PayPal Credit button in checkout, to tell your customers while
they shop that financing is available.

All-In-One Solutions

PayPal offers a variety of PCI-compliant solutions to meet the needs of your growing business.

PayPal Payments Advanced

(Includes Express Checkout) PayPal Payments Advanced offers your customers a secure checkout
experience without leaving your site. Flexible templates and a low monthly fee make this an ideal
choice for merchants who want to create a more customized checkout experience.

PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro brings you all the benefits of a merchant account and payment gateway in
one, plus the ability to create your own, fully customized checkout experience.

  • PayPal Payments Pro Hosted Solution (Includes Express Checkout)
  • PayPal Payments Pro Payflow Edition (Includes Express Checkout) (UK only)

PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal Payments Standard is the easiest way to accept payments online. You can offer your
customers the convenience of payment by credit card and PayPal by simply adding a checkout
button to your site. During checkout, customers are redirected to PayPal to complete the payment
part of the checkout process. There are no lengthy applications to complete, or monthly charges to
set up in advance. When you make your first sale, PayPal will guide you through the process of
setting up your account.

Payment Gateways

PayPal offers a choice of two payment gateway solutions for your business. You can let PayPal
host your checkout on its secure payment site, or you can take control of the entire payment
experience with a completely customizable solution.

PayPal Payflow Pro

PayPal Payflow Pro is a fully customizable payment gateway that can be used with any Internet
merchant account to process credit card transactions online. Payflow Pro can also be used to
process PayPal Express Checkout transactions.

PayPal Payflow Link

PayPal Payflow Link is a hosted payment gateway with an embedded checkout that keeps
customers on your site. It’s the fast and easy way to add transaction processing to your site.

PayPal Access

The PayPal Access Card is like a debit card that can be used to spend or withdraw money from
the PayPal balance of the cardholder. It can be used to make purchases online, or anywhere
else that MasterCard is accepted. It’s like having your PayPal account in your wallet.
PayPal Access streamlines the process of opening an account with your store.When customers
with PayPal Access register with your store, their address and contact information is read
directly from their PayPal account.

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