PayPal Business Account

PayPal payment methods that are integrated with Magento require the merchant to have a
PayPal business account and/or a PayPal Payflow account. The type of PayPal account that is
required is specified in the description of each method.
Customers who make purchases using Express Checkout and the Express Checkout for Payflow
Pro must have buyer accounts with PayPal to pay for their purchases. PayPal Payments
Standard (and Website Payments Standard) can work either directly or through a buyer
account, if the PayPal Account Optional parameter is enabled in the Premier or Business
account of the merchant. By default, this parameter is enabled and customers can choose to
enter their credit card information and the billing and shipping addresses and pay the order
amount, or to create a buyer account with PayPal and then pay the order amount. When the
parameter is disabled, the customer must create a buyer account with PayPal before paying for
the order.
Website Payments Pro, Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition, Payflow Pro Gateway, and
Payflow Link require the customer to enter credit card information during checkout.
Fraud filters can be managed from your PayPal merchant account.

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