PayPal Payflow Link

PayPal PayFlow Link is available for merchants in the United States and Canada only; this
method requires a Payflow merchant account. PayFlow Link cannot be used for orders created
from the Admin.
In general, order processing with PayPal PayFlow Link is the same as processing orders with
PayPal. An invoice, shipment, and credit memo (online/offline refund) can be created. PayPal
Payflow Link passes the card information directly to PayPal. It is never stored in Magento
system. The customer is not required to have a PayPal account to use this method. Multiple
online refunds are not available with PayPal PayFlow Link.

Customer Workflow

The customer selects the PayFlow Link payment method on the Payment Information checkout
step and clicks Continue. The Order Review step appears, where the Pay Now button is
available instead of the usual Place Order button. After the customer clicks Pay Now, the
PayPal-hosted form, where the credit card information can be entered, loads in the checkout
page. The customer specifies the card information and clicks Pay Now. If the transaction is
successful, the customer is redirected to the order confirmation page.
The Cancel Payment link redirects the customer to the Payment Information step of the
checkout, with the payment method selected. If the transaction fails on any reason, an error
message appears on the checkout page and the customer is directed to repeat the checkout
process. These situations are managed by PayPal.

Order Workflow

When a customer clicks the Pay Now button on the last checkout step, the order is created with
a “Pending Payment” status. After the customer enters the card information and clicks the Pay
Now button on the PayPal site, the status of the order changes, depending on the response the
system receives from PayPal. If the customer clicks the Cancel Payment link, the order status
changes to Canceled. The new order is created when a customer proceeds with the checkout.
Processing – The transaction was successful.
Pending Payment – The system did not receive any response from PayPal.
Canceled – The transaction was not successful for some reason.
Suspected Fraud – The transaction did not pass some of the PayPal fraud filters.
The system receives the response from PayPal that the
transaction is under review by Fraud Service.

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