PayPal Payflow Pro

PayPal Payflow Pro gateway, formerly known as Verisign, is a payment method available for
customers of the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Similar to other PayPal payment
methods that are provided in Magento, PayPal Payflow Pro Gateway requires that the store
owner have a merchant account at PayPal. The PayPal Payflow Pro gateway links the merchant
account at PayPal and the merchant’s website, and acts both as a gateway and a merchant
account. With PayPal Payflow Pro Gateway, payments are processed directly on the merchant
websites and customers are not redirected to PayPal. Unlike other PayPal payment methods,
the pricing for using the Payflow Pro Gateway method of payment is fixed no matter how many
transactions are submitted. That is, merchants pay a fixed monthly fee plus a fixed fee for each
transaction regardless of their number.
PayPal Payflow Pro allows customers to enter their credit card information during checkout,
without leaving the store checkout page and without using PayPal hosted forms. Additionally,
payments are accepted through PayPal Payflow Pro at the time an order is placed. PayPal
Payflow Pro does not require customers to have buyer accounts at PayPal; but depending on the
merchant country, customers may use their PayPal buyer accounts for paying through the
gateway. You can view all Payflow Pro Gateway transactions in your PayPal business account.

Customer Workflow

After customers add products to their shopping carts and proceed to the checkout, they specify
their billing and/or shipping addresses and the shipping method. Then, in the Payment
Information section of the Checkout page, they can select the Payflow Pro payment method,
enter the type of credit card, its number, expiration date, and the card verification number.
Customers are not redirected to the PayPal website when they choose to pay with Payflow Pro
Gateway. Depending on the payment action selected in the configuration of the payment
method, either a sales order or a sales order and an invoice is created.

Order Processing Workflow

Orders paid with Payflow Pro Gateway can be processed online only from Magento. Here, you
can submit an online invoice and as a result a corresponding transaction and an invoice will be
created. Regarding order amount refunds, you can also submit them online from the created
Partial invoices are not available when using PayPal Payflow Pro. The Qty to Invoice field is
unavailable for editing. The partial refund is unavailable as well.

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