PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro brings you all the benefits of a merchant account and payment gateway
in one, plus the ability to create your own, fully customized checkout experience. PayPal
Express Checkout is automatically enabled with PayPal Payments Pro, so you can tap into
more than 110 million active PayPal users.
For merchants outside the US, this method is called “PayPal Website Payments Pro.”
You can have two PayPal solutions active at the same time: PayPal Express Checkout, plus any
one of the All-In-One solutions. If you change payment solutions, the one used previously is
automatically disabled.

Checkout Workflow

After customers add products to their shopping carts, they can go to checkout by clicking the
Proceed to Checkout button. In the Payment Information checkout section, they select the
PayPal Direct Payment option, and enter the credit card information.

  • PayPal Payments Pro lets your customer stay on your site during the checkout process.
  • PayPal Express Checkout redirects your customer to the PayPal site to complete the

Order Processing Workflow

If Payment Action is set to “Authorize,” Magento creates a sales order with the “Processing”
status. In this case, the amount of money to be authorized is pending approval. With PayPal
Payments Pro, you can process the payment online from either the Admin of your store, or
from your PayPal merchant account. If Payment Action is set to “Sale,” Magento creates both a
sales order and invoice.
When checking out products from the shopping cart to multiple addresses simultaneously,
customers can choose to pay with PayPal Payments Pro. At the customer’s request, the store
administrator can also create an order from the Admin, and process the transaction with
PayPal Payments Pro.
An order can be voided online at any time until the order amount is fully invoiced. If required,
the order can be online partially invoiced for a specified quantity of products. For each partial
invoice submitted through the PayPal payment system, a separate transaction record with a
unique ID and of the Capture transaction type will become available on the Transaction tab,
and a separate invoice document will be created on the Invoices tab. The payment transaction
of the type “Authorization” is closed only after the full order amount is captured.
When capturing the payment transaction, PayPal transfers the order amount from the buyer’s
balance, bank account or credit card to the merchant’s account. If for any reason the customer
returns the purchased products and claims a refund, as with order amount capturing and
invoice creation, you can create an online refund either from the Admin or from your PayPal
merchant account.
Make sure that instant payment notifications are enabled in your PayPal merchant account. An invoice
is created in Magento only after an instant payment notification message is delivered to Magento from
PayPal. Based on these notifications, you can receive detailed payment information on each
transaction from PayPal after you click the Fetch button on the Transaction page of an order.


PayPal Business Account (with Direct Payments Activated)

Setting Up PayPal Payments Pro

For step-by-step configuration instructions, see PayPal Payments Pro in the Magento
Community Edition online user guide.

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