PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal Payments Standard is the easiest way to accept payments online. You can offer your
customers the convenience of payment both by credit card and PayPal by simply adding a
checkout button to your store.
For merchants outside the US, this method is called “PayPal Website Payments Standard.”
With PayPal Payments Standard, you can swipe credit cards on mobile devices. There is no
monthly fee, and you can get paid on eBay. Supported credit cards include Visa, MasterCard,
Discover, and American Express. In addition, customers can pay directly from their personal
PayPal accounts. PayPal Payments Standard is available in all countries on the PayPal
worldwide reference list.

Checkout Workflow

During checkout, the customer is redirected to the PayPal site to complete the transaction.
PayPal Payments Standard is a one-step process for customers whose credit card information is
up-to-date in their personal PayPal accounts. All the customer needs to do is click the “Pay
Now” button to complete the purchase.


PayPal Business Account

Setting Up PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal Payments Standard cannot be enabled simultaneously with any other PayPal method,
including Express Checkout. If you change payment solutions, the one you used previously is
For step-by-step configuration instructions, see PayPal Payments Standard in the online user

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