Persistent Cart Workflow

When Persistent Shopping Cart is enabled, the workflow depends on the values of the “Enable
Remember Me” and “Clear Persistence on Log Out” settings, the customer’s decision to select or
clear the “Remember Me” checkbox, and when the persistent cookie is cleared.
When a persistent cookie is applied, a Not %Jane Smith%? link appears in the page header, to
give the customer the ability to terminate the persistent session and start working as a guest,
or log in as a different customer. The system retains a record of the shopping cart contents,
even if the customer later uses different devices to shop in your store. For example, a customer
can add an item to the shopping cart from a laptop, edit the cart contents from a desktop
computer, add more items from a mobile device, and complete the checkout process from a
There is a separate independent persistent cookie for each browser. If the customer uses
multiple browsers while visiting your store during a single, persistent session, any changes
made in one browser will be reflected in any other browser when the page is refreshed. While
the persistent shopping cart is enabled, your store creates and maintains a separate persistent
cookie for each browser that is used by a customer to log in or create an account.

Leaving an Open Session on a Shared Computer

Jane is finishing up her holiday shopping with a persistent session, and adds a present for John
to her cart, as well as something for her mother. Then she goes to the kitchen for some milk and
John sits down at the computer to do some quick shopping while Jane’s in the kitchen. Without
noticing the “Not %Jane%” link at the top of the page, he finds a nice present for Jane and adds
it to the cart. When he goes to checkout and logs in as himself, both the items in Jane’s cart are
added to his cart. John’s in such a hurry that he doesn’t notice the additional item during Order
Review, and submits the order. Jane’s cart is now empty, and John bought presents for both
Jane and her mother.
Jane brings John some milk and cookies, and asks, “What’s up?” He says, “Oh, nothing.”

Remember Me

Customers can click the “Remember Me” checkbox on the Login page to save the contents of the
their shopping carts.

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