Print Packing Slips

A packing slip is a sales document that accompanies shipments sent from your store, and lists
each item included in the package. You can print a packing slip for a single order, or print
multiple packing slips as a batch, or group. However, before a packing slip can be printed, it
must first be created for the order.
To view or print the PDF, you must have a PDF reader. You can download Adobe Reader at no

To print packing slips:

1. On the Admin menu, select Sales > Shipments.

Method 1: Print Single Packing Slip from Shipment

1. In the Shipments list, open the record that needs a packing slip.
2. In the upper-right corner of the shipment page, click the Print button. Look for the
download indicator in the lower-left corner of your browser window.

Method 2: Print Multiple Packing Slips

1. In the Shipments list, select the checkbox of each shipment record that needs a packing
2. In the upper-right corner, set the Actions control to “PDFpackingslips” and click the
Submit button.

2. Do one of the following:

  • To save the document, click the Save button. Then, follow the prompts to save the file to
    your computer.When the download is complete, open the PDF in Adobe Reader, and print
    the document.
  • To view the document in Adobe Reader, click the Open button. From here, you can either
    print the packing slip or save it to your computer.

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