Reinstalling Magento

If you want to repeat the installation of Magento Community Edition on the same server, it is
not necessary to download the files again.
To reinstall Magento:
1. On the server, delete the file: app/etc/local.xml
2. Delete any files and directories found in: var/
3. With your browser, navigate to your Magento directory. For example:
The Magento Installation Wizard launches automatically.

Using a Staging Environment

If you plan to develop your store over a period of time, we recommend that you set up a
staging environment where you can test changes before applying them to the live store.
A staging environment is just like any other Magento installation, but is not accessible to the
public. You can use a version control tool to keep files synchronized between the staging
environment and the live store. We highly recommend that you use a staging environment to
test extensions and before updating your live store to a new version of Magento Community

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