Rolling Back Changes

At times it might become necessary to roll back changes to a previous backup.
Important! Use Rollback with caution. Customers who are in the process of checking out when you
start the rollback may not be able to complete the process.

To roll back the whole system or the database:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Tools > Backups.
2. On the Backups page, find the backup you want. Then in the Action column, click the Rollback
All changes made since the backup was created will be lost after the rollback.
3. Confirm the rollback. When prompted, enter your Admin Password. Then, choose whether you
want to put your store into the maintenance mode during the roll back. When restoring file
system or database and media files you can choose to use the FTP connection.
After the rollback, you are redirected to the Admin login page.
4. Refresh all cache types and rebuild required indexes.

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