Run the Magento CE Downloader

1. From your browser, navigate to the location of the Magento downloader on your server. The
Magento Downloader welcome page appears.

2. To validate your server environment, click the Continue button. If error warnings appear,
correct the errors and click the Check Again button.

3. When you pass the validation test, do the following:
a. Enter the following Database Connection information:

  • Host
  • User Name
  • User Password

b. Click the Check InnoDB button to confirm the connection.
c. When you receive confirmation that the credentials are valid, click the Continue button.
4. On the Magento Connect Manager Deployment page, do the following:

a. In the Loader Protocol section, set Magento Connect Channel Protocol to one of the
HTTP (Recommended) HTTP is faster than FTP.
FTP Choose FTP if outgoing connections are not allowed in your hosting

b. In the Stability section, set Magento Connect Manager Version Stability to “Stable.”

c. In the Deployment Type section, select one of the following:

d. To verify the connection, click the Check FTP button. You will not be able to continue if
any of the deployment parameters are invalid. After the FTP connection is verified, click
the Continue button.
5. When the Magento Installation Wizard appears, do the following:

a. Set Magento Connect Channel Protocol to the same protocol you selected in the previous
step. (Options include: HTTP/FTP)
b. Custom permissions determine how read, write, and execute permissions are applied to
the downloaded folders and files. Set Use Custom Permissions to one of the following:
Yes The Magento CE administrator can execute, write, and read files in the
downloaded folders. In the Folders and Files fields that appear, specify
values in the octal number system to denote the permissions that the
Magento administrator has for folders and files on the server.
No Custom permissions are not specified for downloaded folders and files. In
this case the system default values are used:
0777 Folder permissions to read, write, and execute.
0666 File permissions to read and write.
c. Set Deployment Type to the type specified in the previous step. (Options include: Local
d. When you are ready, click the Start the Download Process button.

e. When the “Download completed” message appears, click the Continue to Magento
Installation button.
If you were unable to complete the download process due to a connection error, try to upload
the Full Magento Package from the Community download page.
6. Complete Part II of the installation.

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