The focus of this section is what happens after a customer places an order. You will learn how to
offer shopping cart assistance, fulfill orders, print invoices, collect payment, process credit
memos, manage returns, and more.
Shopping Cart
Cart Configuration
Redirect to Cart
Quote Lifetime
Minimum Order
Shopping Cart Thumbnails
My Cart Link
Mini Cart
Persistent Cart

Shopping Assistance
View Online Customers
Update a Shopping Cart
Create an Order
Create a Customer Account

Checkout Process
Checkout Method
One Page Checkout
Order Review
Terms and Conditions
Order Confirmation

Sales Communications
Setting Up Sales Email
PDF Logo Requirements
Adding Reference IDs

Managing Orders
Process Overview
Order Stages
Order Status
Custom Order Status
Order Workflow

Order Fulfillment
Invoice an Order
Print Invoices
Ship an Order
Print Packing Slips

Credit Memos & Refunds
Product Return Workflow
Create Credit Memo
Print Credit Memo

Basic Payment Methods
PayPal Payment Solutions
Payment Gateways
Payment Services

Basic Shipping Methods
Shipping Carriers
Shipping Labels

Managing Taxes
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Quick Reference

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