Save Customer Billing Address

The complete billing address of the customer can be saved when the customer pays with PayPal
Express Checkout. The billing address can be received from PayPal, and can be edited by the
customer. Make sure that your PayPal merchant account is configured to save the customer
billing address. Contact PayPal technical support for more information.

Billing Address Workflow

When customers choose to pay using PayPal Express Checkout, they are redirected to PayPal.
After logging in to PayPal and reviewing the payment information, they are redirected back to
the Order Review page of your store, where they can complete the checkout process and place
the order.
If you have set up your PayPal Express Checkout Advanced settings to skip the order review
step, the customer can pay for the order on the PayPal site by clicking the Pay Now button.
If a billing address cannot be received from PayPal because of your configuration or due to any other
reasons, the billing address fields on the Order Review page are prepopulated with the shipping
address values. A customer can edit them if necessary.
If a customer leaves the billing and shipping addresses unchanged, the Place Order button is
enabled when the customer chooses the shipping method in the Shipping Method field.
If the customer edits the billing or shipping address, the Place Order button is disabled. When
the customer clicks the Update Order Data button, the system updates the information,
including the available shipping methods, and the Place Order button appears.
After the customer clicks Place Order, the order is created in Magento, and PayPal performs the
related transaction(s). The complete billing and shipping addresses are saved in the order
record in Magento.

To save the customer billing address:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration.
2. In the panel on the left, under Sales, select Payment Methods.
3. Under PayPal Express Checkout, click the Configure link, and do the following:
a. Set Require Customer’s Billing Address to “Yes.”
b. To request the customer’s billing address only for orders with downloadable and/or virtual
products, set Require Customer’s Billing Address to “For Virtual Quotes Only.”
4. Click the Save Config button.

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