Settlement Report Settings

1. Click to expand the Settlement Report Settings section.
2. If you have signed up for PayPal’s Secure FTP Server, enter the following SFTP login

  • Login
  • Password

3. To run test reports before “going live” with Express Checkout on your site, set Sandbox
Mode to “Yes.”
4. Enter the Custom Endpoint Hostname or IP Address. By default, the value is:
5. Enter the Custom Path where reports are saved. By default, the value is:
6. To generate reports according to a schedule, under Scheduled Fetching, make the
following settings:
a. Set Enable Automatic Fetching to “Yes.”
b. Set Schedule to one of the following:

  • Daily
  • Every 3 Days
  • Every 7 Days
  • Every 10 Days
  • Every 14 Days
  • Every 30 Days
  • Every 40 Days
  • PayPal retains each report for forty-five days.
    c. Set Time of Day to the hour, minute, and second when you want the reports to be

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