Shipping Labels

Magento Community Edition has a high level of integration with major shipping carriers that
gives you access to carrier shipping systems to track orders, create shipping labels, and more.

Shipping Label Workflow

Shipping labels can be produced at the time a shipment is created, or later. Shipping labels are
stored in PDF format and downloaded to your computer. Depending on your browser settings,
you can open the file at once and print the labels. Each shipping label appears on a separate
page in the PDF file.

Shipment Workflow

When you create a shipping label, Magento prompts you for information about packaging you
want to use (type, size, etc.) and which products go with which package. When you finish,
Magento connects to the shipping carrier web-services, creates an order in its system, and
receives the shipping label for the shipment. The tracking number(s) are also received and
added in the Admin.
After the shipping label is generated, the new shipment is saved and the label can be printed. If
the shipping label cannot be created due to problems with connection or any other reason, the
shipment is not created.

Tracking Number Workflow

Magento receives the tracking numbers related to the shipment when labels are generated. and
inserts the numbers into the Shipping and Tracking Information section of the order. If you
generate the same shipping labels multiple times, the original tracking numbers are preserved.

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